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Good Day all,

I am pleased to announce that all items on this website is now 100% Australian Made.

I am also going on holidays and as such all orders from the 15th of December will not be posted until early new year. Thank you for your understanding.

If you wish for a Trim OSFM, or Newborn Nifty Nap embroidered or Appliqued custom nappy please contact Nikki from Genesa Forge as she will be making all custom nappies from now on.

Also, if you are after affordable but gorgeous product photography in Chatswood, NSW please check out Rubber Ducky Product Photography. I had a lovely surprise when Nifty Naps were featured as part of their portfolio.

I have also started a new business and would love for you to come by me new facebook page and give me a like. Or check out my new website. I love to introduce Your Inspiration at Home Products to you. A fantastic range to help inspire you to cook. With no hidden nasties and gorgeous easy to use products.

Honey Glazed Chicken Cover

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Thank you

Cloth Nappies versus Disposable Nappies

There are three impacts to consider when deciding on which type of nappy to use when it comes to our babies; the impact on the environment, the impact on our children’s health and the impact it has on us financially. The Modern Cloth Nappy is by far better for the environment, our children’s health and to us financially compared to the single use disposable and here is why:

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Nifty Naps is going Australian Made


I am so excited that I am bringing everything back to Australia and everything in the store will be 100% Australian Made very soon. I am a very green conscious person and with that being 100% Australian Made is more inline with my beliefs.

Read on to find out what this means for you….

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Newborn Prints Coming Late August

Newborn Prints Coming Soon

For babies with the weight range of 2.5kgs to 6kgs

It is an all in two nappy with a snap in trifold booster with microfleece next to bubs skin.

Tatskie Kelly – June 17

My 10 months old on nifty naps. I just washed it once and it lasts for 3 hours without leaks. leg is very good fit and nice designs and love the quick drying soakers as my bub got big thighs and slim waist I would love something with elastic on front or maybe 2 rows of snap on waist but other than that, this nappy rocks.
I love the lots of snaps and being closer to each other for better fit adjustment. The materials are very soft and fluffy that I dont have to worry about the nappy leaving marks on her skin.

Tatskie Kelly6301_671996796149472_868053358_n

Is Cloth really Easy? ……

my bubba


Is Cloth really Easy?

Sometimes I hear that people give up or on the verge of quitting as they are finding it all too hard. It is okay, we all have hard days. I mean come on we are Mums and Dads trying to do it all and with the power of social media we are constantly reminded of our downfalls. It is okay to feel the pressure. We are not designed to feel this pressure so it is okay to feel this way. We cannot be everything to everyone in our lives even to ourselves.

Look at me I always place myself last even at the detriment to my health. I never pamper myself and I never buy myself new clothes. I have not visited much needed health professionals in a very long time such as an optometrist or dentist even though I really should. The pressure is constantly there to have a clean home, great healthy food, spend quality time with the kids and working so that we can send our children to a great school is crazy high.

Let me say, it is okay to feel this way. Life was not meant to be easy. Thank you to my Dad for teaching me this.

Please read on to help you remember why you started cloth in the first place to keep it all in perspective.

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Current Plain Minky Colours

Do you really get what you pay for?

Lycra PUL

Do you really get what you pay for when it comes to Modern Cloth Nappies and accessories?

I have seen a few blog posts lately regarding the argument about China made versus China cheapies and do you really get what you pay for? Please read on for my experiences and my thoughts on why you really do get what you pay for.

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